Toyota Rav4 EV (2012)


Recall the Toyota RAV4 EV revealed at the 2010 Los Angeles car show? These photosdisplay the hottest test cars, destined for low-volume creation in 2012.
Toyota has partnered up with Tesla to produce the electric RAV4. You can expect this car to be seen a lot on the west coast. The battery, motor, and the gearbox were made in California then sent to Toyota’s factory.
Toyota RAV4 EV: The Sccop
The electric RAV4 can be expected to contain and lithium ion battery that has 30kWh worth of juice. While in LA, it was reported to have an EV range of around 100 miles – this information was obtained by Toyota.
These photos reveal the new RAV4 will keep the looks that Toyota promised yet the grille panels will be revised. If you look behind the black camouflage bib you will be able to notice the grille, the headlamps, and the day running lights are virtually what we expected. However, you will notice that there is no exhaust pipe. But, this isn’t surprising do to the fact that this is an electric SUV.
Toyota RAV4: The Inside
From looking at the gearlever – similar to that inside of a Prius – you can automatically know that this is not a petrol or diesel SUV.
Toyota RAV: When Will It Go On Sale?
You can expect this car in the year 2012. However, currently, there are no plans to sell this car in Europe. The car will be manufactured in Ontario, Canada.  This car is said to be an example of what you can expect from Toyota in the future. They plan to collaborate with even more companies to produce cutting edge technology.


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