Toyota Prius Next Generation Seen


Toyota is well known for building the best hybrid cars in the industry. The latest spy shots show the next generation Prius which they will certainly want to be very much a market leader like the other models have been. It is likely that this latest one will have a 2015 model year.
Their test mule has lots of camouflage on it and so there are many hidden features. However, the design looks very similar to the half moon design that the car has always had since 2003. There have been reports that it would look very different but it seems that this may not be the case here. It may imply that there will be a new addition to the range though adding to the Prius plug-in. C & V with a sedan version.
The spy shots also reveal a little bit about the interior of the car as well. There is a three spoke steering wheel which looks stylish as well as an instrument panel that looks similar to those in a BMW. But with the amount of tape on there, it could imply that there will be a lot of changes made to it in the future.
There are obviously no clues from the pictures as to what is under the bonnet but there are plenty of rumours. It is expected that there will be an updated version of the current electric engine with the same nickel metal hydride batteries. There is nothing official with regards to an all wheel drive version that has been rumoured. There is an indication that the new Prius may be on the production like at the MS Plant in Tupelo.


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