Toyota Highlander Pictured in Tests


Toyota have recently put their new Avalon on sale and are redesigning the Corolla as well as improving their Highlander. This new model has been snapped while in testing, but it has so much camouflage on it, it is assumed that it is still in very early stages. Despite this, it is still expected that the car will be debuted in 2014.
The pictures do not reveal that much about the new design, although a few things can be picked up. The front end looked very blunt and there was a very big grille. The back had a different shape making it look very boxy. The wheels seemed to be bigger and there was higher ground clearance which could draw you to thinking that this one could be one of the higher end models such as a 4WD. There is also an attractive chrome trim on the windows which could add to this conclusion.
This section of the market is really expanding with three-row crossovers being produced by Ford, Lambda, Buick, GMC and Chevy. It is expected that the upgrades will mean that the Highlander is even more competitive in this market assuming that it will be as good as these limited shots imply.


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