Toyota GT86 in Lightweight Gear Spotted


Toyota GT86 in Lightweight Gear Spotted
There have been so many rumours about new versions of different cars that have better performance features and it seems that they have not come about, that even more can seem rather dull. However, there has been an interesting vehicle seen on the Nurburgring lately which has stirred up some interest.
The fact that it is hard to even tell what it is, is exciting enough. It is certainly a Toyota and could be a GT86 (Scion FR-S) with new wheels as well as a suble lip spoiler, carbon fibre roof and hood and racing spec wing. There are vents in the bonnet which means that there is a chance that the engine has been upgraded and with lighter body parts and upgraded aero it looks like it is built for speed, performance and efficiency.
The car is a right hand drive model which means that it is aimed at either the race track or the UK and other ex-British markets. The lack of a roll cage, ride height and full glass makes it look as though it could be for the Japanese domestic market where the car is sold as the 86. Even if this is where that model is headed, there is always a chance that it could go elsewhere as well, although it is doubtful that it will reach the US.


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