Toyota FT-86 Prototype: Caught


The Toyota FT-86 has been the talk amongst the press for quite a while now. Finally, after the concepts and the auto show releases, we have been able to spot this baby for ourselves. However, if it were not for our expert eyes we would have missed it. When you look at the pictures you will understand why.
From the test mule we can see that this car is not what many people expected from Toyota. The show cars were wilder and more daring while this car is very mild and reserved. Matter of fact, it seem to be similar to the nondescript 90s sports car.
So, far one of the promises has been broken; fans were promised a lightweight coupe that is driver oriented with a cool look. The first two promises may still be in tact but based on this test mule viewed the appearance of the vehicle is nowhere near cool. But, it is possible that they have made the test mule look like this to throw us off.



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