Top selling Hyundai Cars – Redefining Indian car industry


Hyundai Motor India is the Indian arm of the Korean carmaker, Hyundai Motors. Hyundai came to India in the year 1996 and ever since have been a major presence in the Indian car industry. Hyundai is now the second largest carmaker and the largest exporter of cars in India.

Hence, it is no wonder that the Hyundai cars regularly feature in the top-selling cars’ list. Hyundai Santro was one of the first top-selling cars from this auto giant. Santro was a car that stood up to the tough competition from Maruti and even managed to steal away a large chunk of customers from the Indian automaker. Santro redefined the way that the Indian car lovers looked up to their cars. It was instrumental in making the Indian car buyers to think beyond the desi brands like Hindustan Motors and Maruti. Santro was so successful that the company introduced many facelifts of the same. The current version, Santro Zing is also a top seller.

However, it was in the sedan market that the carmaker really made its mark. Its cars like Verna, Sonata and Elantra redefined the concepts of luxury and riding comfort. It is no wonder then, that these cars became top sellers in no time.

With the rising popularity of small and compact cars, Hyundai introduced hatchbacks like i10 and i20 and compact cars like Eon. While i10 and i20 ruled their respective classes, the Eon too featured in the top-selling car list. In fact, Hyundai cars are only next to Maruti cars when it comes to winning customer loyalty and backing.

The recently launched sedan, Xcent, has also managed to put up a decent show. Nonetheless, it is too soon to label it as a best-selling car.

Hyundai has mainly concentrated on the small and medium cars in India. The carmaker has only one brand of SUV named Santa Fé on the offer in India. However, this car has been promoted as a premium vehicle and hence, it has not been able to do extremely well in India.

In short, Hyundai cars have managed to do very well in India and they have been adjudged the top sellers of their segments. Besides, Hyundai cars brought to India more comfort and luxury at lower prices, which also helped them to do well in the Indian market. For new cars & bikes log on to &


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