Top Cars For People With Low and High Incomes


It’s clear that people with low incomes can’t always afford particular cars. However, there are plenty of valuable cars to look for with regards to one’s income. This listing of cars from shows that there are plenty of good choices to work with.

What Cars Are There For Low-Income People?


People with low incomes can find a variety of affordable cars. The Nissan Versa can be found for $12,000 to $17,000 and comes with a variety of 1.6L transmissions and 109 horsepower. It has a comfortable ride and plenty of interior space but the inside has a low-rent look to it.
The Kia Rio can also be found for less than $20,000. This offers a smooth powertrain and 138 hp. However, the back seat can be rather cramped and the engine doesn’t zip too much.
The Chrysler 200 can be found for $22,000 to $27,000 and has a smooth look with an all-wheel drive feature. The gas mileage is not as strong as it is with other cars though. The handling isn’t too strong either.
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The $19,000 Dodge Avenger is the last option to see. It has a smooth V6 but the torque steer may be an issue.

What About For High-Income People?

The Lexus RX 350 is a popular choice for those with higher incomes. Available for about $41,000, it has 295 hp and a comfortable ride. However, there is no third row here.
The Acura RDX can be found for $35,000. It has a smooth V6 engine and is very agile. It has a cramped back seat and the audio system isn’t too strong.
The Subaru Outback can be found for around $30,000 and has a great ride that is easy to handle. There are no manual gearboxes though.
The Subaru Forester is available for as little as $23,000 and has a wide-open cabin. It has various configurations for manual and automatic transmissions too. The manual option isn’t available on turbo models though.
The last one is the $45,000 Acura MDX. This 3.5L vehicle with 290 hp has enough room for six people and is easy to drive. The transmission is not all that refined though.


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