Top 5 Seat Cover Designs for Trucks


If you are in need of new style for your ford F150 seat covers or your Silverado seat covers but you just aren’t sure what you want to go for, you need to check out this list of the hottest and most popular seat covers for trucks today. Most of these designs are available widely, but not all versions are made the same. As you browse options that fit each theme, keep in mind how important quality manufacture and material selection can be.

The List of Seat Covers

This list is based on what is most popular and prevalent after a survey of available choices and their reviews, both on merchant sites and blogs. It’s presented in no particular order, though. Here are your top seat covers:

  • Camo Seat Covers: These are really popular with hunters and other outdoorsmen because they have a comfortable pattern that you can recognize, and they complement practically any truck design.
  • Realistic Faux Leather: These choices can add a touch of class to your upholstery while also giving your seat a new, comfortable texture that reminds you of genuine leather while remaining easier to maintain.
  • Sheepskin (Faux): If you want a very specific look coupled with a softer texture, you need to check out the options available for sheepskin. Its unique texture combines the best qualities of both velour and faux leather seat covers.
  • Neoprene Seat Covers: This material is not appreciated enough, and it conforms so well to the seat that it can be easy to forget it is a cover. Neoprene provides a moisture-resistant barrier that is soft and highly resilient.
  • Patriotic Seat Covers: No list would be complete without recognizing that truck culture and love of country go together. That’s why there are a number of patriotic designs you can find for your vehicle.

Whether you are interested in camo seat covers, patriotic designs, or something that gives you a more muted look and feel, there are a variety of options out there waiting for you.


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