Tips to Avoid Biking Trip Road Rage


It’s rare but not totally uncommon to experience road rage on a biking trip. Everyone’s basically out to have a fun ride, but aggressive behaviour can take place. Here are some simple tips to avoid road rage on a biking trip.

Baker near car on the road.

1. Get away from the scene

In any instance of road rage, remember that as a biker you are more physically vulnerable than a car rider. So the first step should be to protect yourself. Move your bike away at a distance from the other rider, because at times the rider may try to take out their anger with their vehicle. If there is any damage, assess it carefully if a claim has to be filed. Check out for all of your biking needs if replacing any part becomes necessary.

2. Move to a safe place

Once you’ve ensured your safety, move on to a place some distance away. Do not stop near the rider to argue with them. Chances are they will probably win the argument or get rough. Driving ahead and parking at a distance gives you a chance to cool off.

3. Get it recorded

If you are detained by the rider or another aggressive biker for an argument and you are sure it’s not your fault, let it come on record. You need every bit of evidence you can get. If a passer-by or your friend starts recording the event on their phone camera, let them continue and get a good view. It may serve as evidence in your support, especially if the rider gets violent, along with any dual sport parts that get damaged.

4. Defuse the situation

As a matter of principle, try to defuse the situation, even if the other person is trying to get nasty. Say sorry and move on even if it’s not your fault. A simple wave of the hand as you move along does the trick. Remember to empathise because you never know what another person is going through.

5. Avoid aggressive behaviour

Avoid responding to aggression with aggression on your part. Respond to impatient honks with long stares or showing a finger. Remember you are riding on a busy road and emotions can be very destructive as they cause you to lose focus.

6. Maintain distance

The best way to avoid road rage is to always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Avoid tailgating, excessive honking, changing lanes frequently and crushing the other driver. If you find yourself pressing against a vehicle that is going too slow, try changing your route or slowing down yourself to give the other driver a chance to move on.

7. Let it go

Always maintain a good sense of perspective. If it’s only about missing a green light or reaching your meetup point a couple of minutes late, remember that it will not be the end of the world. Aggressive behaviour only gives you more reason to be upset for the rest of the day. Try letting things go and return to your normal pleasant state.

8. Avoid threats

Under no circumstances utter threats of violence against the other driver. If the driver chooses, s/he can lodge a complaint and even file a case of threat to his person. It’s worse if someone recorded you will saying it.

At the end of the day, all of us bikers form one big community. It’s important that we keep things in perspective and cooperate as far as possible. Who knows, the biker you met on the road might become your new friend.


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