Tips on Accessorising your 4WD Truck


If you are the proud owner of an off-road 4WD truck, accessories will always be in the back of your mind, and if you are like most owners, all of your spare cash will be invested in your 4 wheeled pride and joy. Once you start adding items to your vehicle, there is always something else you need, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to accessorise a 4WD truck.

Tips on Accessorising your 4WD Truck


Take a good look at what you don’t have and try to prioritise; a set of heavy duty
shock absorbers are far more important than that row of LED spots you have your eye on, and while they might not be visible, accessorising is more about safety and comfort than aesthetics.
Off-road tyres are essential, and if your truck isn’t shoed with off-road tyres, this should be number one priority, especially if you like exploring the outback.

Sourcing the Best Supplier

Luckily, we have the Internet, and that will help you find the largest range of 4wd accessories online from an established supplier. Resist the urge to go for cheap, unknown brands as they will not stand the test of time, and any accessory you buy is a long-term investment that should give you many years of service. If you can find a local truck accessory supplier that also services trucks, even better, as not every auto garage is equipped to service off-road vehicles.

Create a Special Fund

This is a great way to finance your truck accessories, and by adding to it every month, your special fund will soon grow to the point where you can go and buy the next item on your long list of add-ons. Cutting out luxury items can make your savings a lot healthier, so don’t be afraid to set yourself some realistic goals regarding savings. The more self-discipline you have regarding saving money, the faster you will be able to equip your vehicle with those necessary add-ons, and working out a budget for monthly expenses will help you to clearly see what you can manage to save.

Think Safety and Comfort over Aesthetics

Making your truck safer and more comfortable should take priority over purely aesthetic accessories for obvious reasons, so shock absorber upgrades and off-road tyres should be high on your list of things to do. A winch is another must have accessory, as it can pull you out of a sticky situation, and being miles from anywhere and everyone means you need to have the resources to help yourself. You are also able to offer others assistance if you have a winch.

Accessorising your truck will no doubt ne am ongoing project, and as time passes, you will gradually acquire all the add-ons that make life easier, plus a few that make your truck look good! The best way to go about sourcing a good accessories supplier is to use the Internet, and with online shopping, you can save some money on every purchase.


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