Tips for Getting Ready for RC Race Day


Most people that start racing RC cars do it for fun and getting involved in a race is a great way to spend a day. But with all the effort you’re putting in on investing and practicing, being competitive and doing as well as you can will always make the experience even more enjoyable. To help you avoid coming at the end of the pack every race, we’ve put together this list of tips for race day.

Large Scale Mixed Class Racing Day - Track, Test & Tune.

1. Use stock settings

We all love tinkering with settings and fine-tuning a motor, but for those with less experience, we recommend that you stick to the settings advised in your user manual. The manufacturer of your car has put in work to make sure their vehicle runs well, and often additional work to change the set-up of your vehicle will have a negative impact on performance rather than a positive one. A good example are the settings the RC goliath comes with, which are well dialed in for execution.

2. Race yourself

It is often easy to get caught up in the race, and to focus on trying to beat everyone else. Being competitive can be great for your overall growth as a driver, but don’t get too caught up in benchmarking yourself against everyone else. Focus on your own lap times, and if you’re slowly getting better, you’ll naturally start placing better.

XX3. Pretend you’re thereXX

By putting your mind in the head of what you would do if you were actually in your car, your driving will improve. It is easy to become detached and drive over-aggressively because there is no real risk of harm. By visualizing that you’re in the car, you can adequately plan your passes, and avoid hitting other vehicles die to over-aggressive driving.

4. Stay back to practice

Many people will get to the track before the race starts to get some extra practice in. What we recommend is actually staying for long after the race and getting your time in then. By doing this the conditions you’re practicing it will be much closer to what the course will feel like in an actual race.

5. Do your prep

The day before the race, get everything ready, as you never know what might happen on the day. Get all your gear together to make sure you don’t forget anything rushing on the day.

Being prepared is essential to being fast. Go through all your race gear the night before race day. Not only will you be less likely to forget something, but you will find problems when it will be easier to fix them.

6. Take a friend

One of the best ways to make sure that you’re racing well is to take someone. When the race starts, it’s easy to forget all that practice. Bring someone who knows a bit about about racing to help keep your head straight

7. Fast at home, slow at the race

By practicing at your limits, you are making sure that you’re getting better and pushing your boundaries. When it comes to race day though, try to pull back 10%. When racing, consistency is key, so by pulling back a bit, you’re less likely to spin off and lose a few places. Try to be steady and consistent.


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