Three-Row Lexus RX Will Be Out by 2018


Three-Row Lexus RX Will Be Out by 2018

As CUVs are becoming less popular, it is great time for Lexus to work on its three-row model of the RX crossover. Also, the RX is the best-selling version of the company, as there are no so many luxurious soft-roaders on the market. This week, the company confirmed that its automobile with the expanded wheelbase will be out by 2018.

The general manager of the company confirmed that now they are working on a three-row model that will be disposable at dealers by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.

There is a possibility that the upcoming model will have either the name of 350L RX badges in the guise of gas-power or the 450hL. According to the information, these names were registered this month. It implies that there will be two versions – a regular V6 and a hybrid-power RX with three rows as an option. The RX will keep all the previous specifications as well as the appearance. It will have the same look as the models for five seats. The representatives of the company said that they have put so much effort in the styling of their models that they didn’t want to change anything for the model with three rows.


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