Third Generation Audi TT in Testing


There have been lots of rumours about Audi working on a new TT and with the current model having been around since 2006, this is not surprising. There have been sightings of a few test models which have been disguised with sheet metal but these are the first real pictures that have been taken.
There is still a lot of camouflage and so no details can be seen, but there is still more to see than was available before. It still looks like it will be very much recognisable as a TT but will fit in with the new designs adopted by Audi so with the more square headlights and larger grille aperture. The pictures show it alongside a BMW Z4 and Mercedes-Benz SLK.
It could be said that it looks more like a mini-R8 and with rumours that they will not be including an R4 sports car in their line up this may explain it. The latest information is that the car will appear late next year and it is expected that it will be full of impressive new technologies and more powerful but fuel efficient engines.


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