Things to Know Before Going for a Car Wash


Keeping your car clean and shining is what all car owners want. It takes a lot to maintain your car in and out. And if it’s not that Saturdays where you would want to clean it yourself with a sponge and a hose, you would definitely want a good car wash service. How often do you need a car wash totally depends on how much you use it. Whether you go once in a while or more often, you should keep some of the important factors before visiting a car wash service.

Things to Know Before Going for a Car Wash

Find the Best Car Wash Service for Your Needs

People generally like to locate a car wash service that is nearest to their office or home. Due to Google map service, one can find a car wash service very comfortably sitting on their couch. Most gas stations have attached car washes. Some of the gas stations offer car wash on discounted rates if you buy fuel from them. There are different car washes available at the stations like a manual car wash, brushless, automatic, hand car wash, and touchless car wash. You need to check the pros and cons of each car wash before opting for any of them, of course, for the love of your car.

Choose Add-on Services Wisely

Many car owners who are little picky about their car look n feel, go for extra service for it. This may include car polishing, spray on wax, vacuuming, and rust proofing, and many others. These additional services can cost just twice the basic car wash. Most car wash services try to lure with offers and discounts. Hold off the extras and are a money waster if your car is new. Do not decide to take any additional service at the last minute. There is always a next time!

Pay and Park

Generally, customers need to pay for the selected car wash first, and then they get the service. In this case, you need to buy the service and park your car where you find the sign to park for the car wash. For manual car wash, some stations have their men assist you in taking your car to the exact location. Never leave your expensive belongings if there is an attendee to take the car to the manual car wash spot. If you go for the automatic one, you need to drive the car to the exact location where the system picks the car wheels automatically to the wash. Roll up your windows and avoid taking your kids to the automatic car wash.

Post Wash Checks

There is always a disclaimer outside an automatic car wash system, “Not responsible for any damages that may occur.” Always take pictures of the car from different angles before sending it to the car wash. Whether or not you select the automatic car wash, you must always check your car after it has been washed and cleaned. Check your car from all angles and contact the manager in case you find any damages. You may get the damage recovered legally or for maintaining customer relations. Take the matter to the higher levels if the damage is severe, and the company is not willing to cover it up. Click pictures of the damage for evidence.

What’s New!

Touchless is new! Touchless car wash is a good alternative and significantly better for your car paint. It is like a power washer where the system is equipped with robust detergent and high powered water jets. These jets can clean almost all types of dirt and debris. It is a better option than standard automated car washes and manual wash services, where their destructive brushes and fabric can ruin your vehicle’s paint in the longer run. With touchless, there is virtually any chance of getting your car any cosmetic loss.

Final Words

Whichever service you choose for your car, remember that keeping your car spic and span is a must for the higher resale value of your vehicle.


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