Things to Know About New Ferrari 488 Pista 2019 – spyvideo


Recently I have filmed Ferrari 488 Pista of 2019 when it was being tested during the industry pool at Nurburgring. I also filmed this car at the Nordschleife last year when it was being tested as shown in

Ferrari has publicly revealed the 488 Pista at the Motorshow in Geneva in the month of March. But they have to go through certain final tests before being delivered to the fortunate buyers.

New Ferrari 488 Pista 2019.If it is a Ferrari then there must be some method to know the history of its fast moving V8s. The new Ferrari 488 Pista can be the right way in this regard. It is the best of the entire range of its junior supercars and one of the 430 Scuderia, 458 Speciale and 360 Challenge Stradale.

The new Ferrari 488 is expected to have upgraded knowledge and performance of the motorsport of the company. This car plays a great role in winning 5 titles for its manufacturers including winning 29 races and a single brand creating 488 Pista racing cars since 25 years. The Pista has a rich history of racing cars from the 488 GTE to 488 Challenge.

Spypicture Ferrari 488 Pista 2019.The thing that makes the Pista the best 488 is the comparative better understanding of its formula. Most of the new 488 cars follow the well known path as experienced by several other racing specials of previous years. A host of tuning to make it fast, more power and less weight are the features that justify the increased price of this new Pista 488.

Ferrari has raised its power to 710bhp like that of a flagship car McLaren 720S by reducing 50 horsepower from its V8 engine. Still it gives an incredible output of 185hp per litre due to its turbocharged engine.

The lightweight of its flywheel and crankshaft, carbonfibre plenums for intake and titanium conrods of 488 Pista have helped in reducing its kerbweight lighter than the base car GTB. Actually by shedding its kerbweight by 90kg this car resembles with Maranello Diet. After draining out its all fluids its declared kerbweight is 1280kg, according to Ferrari.

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In fact the 488 Pista is unarguably one of the best Ferraris by look made during last few years as each of its surfaces is designed to keep it attached to the road. The new diffuser at its front end is inspired by the GTE488 whereas the diffuser of its rear by the racing car of GTE model.

The features on its underside include S-duct inspired by F1 to organise its airflow at its front top surface and redesigned vortex generators to give floating front wing impression to this car along with helping it aerodynamically. When this bodywork of this car is combined with its modified blow spoiler on the rear then the force of its features is also reduced by 290% than the regular model of GTB.

The complete specifications of Ferrari 488 Pista include

  • Twin-turbo V8 engine of 3902 cc
  • At 8000rpm its power is 710bhp
  • At 3000rpm its torque is 568lb ft
  • Its length is 4605 mm
  • Its width is 1975mm
  • Its height is 1206mm
  • The dry weight of this car is 1280kg
  • It goes 0-62mph in just 2.85sec
  • It goes 0-124mph in just 7.6 sec
  • Its top speed more than 211mph



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