There Will Be A Fresh Hyundai Genesis Sedan In 2013, And A Sonata In 2014


One of the foremost Hyundai executives in Korea indicated to a news agency that the company will be coming out with a new Genesis sedan in 2013. They will follow it up with another car in 2014, and this will be called the Sonata. This is not really a surprising fact. This is not surprising news. There is an average five-year span in between product cycles. Hyundai executives wouldn’t say any more, but they did confirm that they come out with new models every four to five years.
There was no word on which markets the automaker was talking about, but it was presumed to be South Korea. The Sonata and Genesis both came out in Korea before coming to the United States. The two cars will probably stick to the same timeframe as was mentioned in the article here, and the Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik just mentioned that the next-generation Genesis sedan would come out in 2014, and this would mean that there would be a launch in 2013. There would also be full-wheel drive on the car.


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