There Were Some Spy Photographs Of The Volkswagen XL1 Prototype


Over the last weekend, there were some new pictures released of a prototype model of the Volkswagen XL1 that were seen on WCF. There is now even some video of the event, and you can see the cool new model out in action and in motion.
There was a preview released of the new car that had just 1-liter, and it was released as a concept way back in 2009, and it was seen as the L1. A few years later another model came out that was called the Formula XL1. This end concept will give the name for the production model, and the design it is based upon will be the same.

The sporty look of the XL1 prototype was seen here, and it will really appeal to a lot of different kinds of buyers, but it is uncool that only a very few will be able to get it. They’re only expected to produce it in very limited quantities.

There will be a 1-liter engine that will emit just about 24g/km of CO2 gases, and it will have some great fuel economy too as a figure.

The production model XL1 should be released at the end of the year prior to when the deliveries start in 2013.


  1. If this car goes on sale I will be so happy. I know it only goes from 0 to 60mph in 14 sec, but it gets so good mpg that all the other fuel left could be saved for super cars! (like the styling)


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