There Was A Snow Crash For The 2013 Ford Fiesta


The latest generation of the Ford Fiesta is coming out on its fourth year of sales with strong sales. It came out with a flair and a lot of fanfare in 2008 in the middle of a showroom, and it has only grown in popularity since then. The spies have captured some great photographs of it while it was out doing some testing in the snow.
The test driver accidentally crashed the car into the snow, so the spy photographers were able to get some better photographs. There was a lot of assistance required to get it out of the snow, and get it rescued, so that people could continue on with their test driving.

The new prototype model looks virtually the same to the former version that came out earlier last year. It had a lot of camouflage over it, and there was some on the front, back, and over the LED headlights.

The engine will almost certainly have a 1.0 liter Ecoboost that creates about 80hp ( 59 kW / 81 PS ), and it will probably be supplemented with tuned configurations that create 99hp, which is equivalent to the following: (74 kW / 100 PS) and 123hp, which is equivalent to the following: (92 kW / 125 PS).


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