There Is No Escape For The 2013 Ford Escape Ahead Of The L.A. Car show.


They certainly have not tried to overly camouflage prototype’s of the 2013 Ford Escape. We have already seen a lot of this car even before the Los Angeles car show, next month. Findings have shown that this new model is an improved variation of the European version of the Ford Kuga. This, in itself, looks like a cross between the Toyota RAV4 and the new Ford Focus. All hopes of the Ford Escape retaining more of the Vertrek’s idealism have been dashed it seems.

Tunneled gauges are the order of the day, according to interior photographs, in a central stack placement not dissimilar to other new cars manufactured by Ford. From what we can tell, from the prototype we saw, there is a central display screen mounted in the dash-board and not of the touch variety as fitted to the Explorer. This version seemed to be button “city”. I would imagine, however, that there will be an upgrade to a version with “MyFord Touch” on offer. As mentioned before, and confirmed by Ford, the Escape will only be offered with four-cylinder power units with no option for a hybrid engine.
Many Americans only know of the Escape that goes way back to 2001 and that just looked like a wheeled, square box so this replacement will, almost certainly, be very popular. If you have been to Europe and seen the Kuga, it will be no surprise to you that Ford is more than capable of producing such a nice looking utility vehicle and a nice drive too. Watch this space for a full run down and a look at the non-camo version of the 2013 Ford Escape.



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