There Is A Possible 2013 SRT Viper Spotted


All good things come in threes. There’s no way that Chrysler would just sit back and let Chevy and Ford fight it out with so much horsepower. There could be a new Viper. There is some definite information that the new Viper will be coming out.
It will come forth in a coupe at April’s New York auto show, and it will be called the  2013 SRT Viper, and it will start production later on in the year. Keep in mind that Dodge is no longer the car’s first moniker.

The SRT president and CEO, Ralph Gilles says that the cabin goes way back, and it has a hood that is very long. He said that the previous grille and fender from the Corvette will mold into a sculpture that is so wonderful that people that don’t know how to control their spending will rush out and buy one.

There are some slightly smaller dimensions, and there are some structures that are made of aluminum of steel. This should take a few pounds off it.

There have been four previous generations of Vipers that have come out. This one, too, is powered by a pushrod V-10. It will have more than 8.0 liters and variable valve timing too it will be mediated through the cam-in-cam system from the fourth-generation Viper. The goal on this is to get over 650 horsepower. Chrysler is using a multi-displacement system with an automatic stop-start to help keep down curb consumption.

The six-speed transmission is the same, and it will probably be the Tremec TR6060.

Just like the previous model of Viper, it is one with a front-engine, a rear-drive, two seats that are for sports cars, massive brakes, ABS, and an independent rear suspension too. Stability control is the most important thing about this car though.

The interior is all new, and it is completely changing There are going to be leather seats, good storage, and great ergonomics. Navigation, Bluetooth, and stereo are all included.

This fifth-generatin Viper will first come out in Coupe form, and there will be a roadster that will come out later. The price is expected to be around $94,000.


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