The Use of Dry Vacuum Pumps in Automobile Production


Dry vacuum pumps have lots of applications across industries. For instance, they are extremely useful in the food processing industry, water aeration services, and even in the aviation industry. However, one of the biggest industries, where dry vacuum pumps are a mainstay, is the automotive industry. Automotive dry pump solutions are among the most critical in the vehicle production process. To help you better understand their usefulness, here are a few uses of dry vacuum pumps in automobile production.

The Use of Dry Vacuum Pumps in Automobile Production

1. They are used to remove moisture in the brake manufacture process

For brakes to be effective and safe, they need to be completely dried in the zinc phosphating stage. While there are other methods for doing this, the dry vacuum pump is the most effective. That’s because, it helps cut on noise and also significantly cuts on power consumption. A dry vacuum pump can achieve this because it uses a pneumofore rotary system. This enables it to get rid of water vapor more efficiently and quietly. In some cases, the use of a dry vacuum pump can cut noise levels by up to 33%. Given that environmental issues (such as noise pollution), and production costs, are among the issues that automobile manufacturers have to deal with in the market, dry vacuum pump will continue to dominate automobile production for years.

2.They are used in testing brakes for leaks

One of the most important safety features in a car is the braking system. Without reliable brakes, the vehicle becomes a death trap. To ensure that brakes work as required, auto companies put them through extreme tests. In the testing process, the brake diaphragms are pushed to the limit in extremely large cycles. One of the most useful tools for this process is the vacuum pump. Vacuum pumps are used in this process because they can handle fluctuating pressure. They are also capable of dealing with continuous operations over extended periods. The result is that the consumer gets a vehicle whose brakes can be relied upon, even in the most extreme of conditions. In essence, every time you are on the road, putting all your confidence in the integrity of your vehicle’s brakes, know that there is a vacuum pump somewhere that has played a role in that process.

3. They are used to increase engine horsepower

Anyone who is into cars knows the thrill that comes with a high-performance car. For a car to give you good performance, it needs to have a very high horsepower. One of the tools that manufacturers of high-performance cars use to increase horsepower is the vacuum pump. The working mechanism is quite simple. The vacuum pump is hooked to the valve covers, a process that cuts down on the air pressure created by the blow of combustion gases in the piston rings. This reduced pressure leads to better ring performance and lower chances of oil contamination. This, in turn, translates to more horsepower and longer engine life.

In essence, dry vacuum pumps are some of the most fundamental tools in the car manufacture process. Their use touches on everything from safety to performance.


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