The Top Three Mid-Priced Coupes


Many motorists dream of owning their own flashy coupe, but sadly this dream never becomes a reality due to the hefty price-tag that can come with this type of automobile.

There are many excellent mid-priced coupes on the market right now, however, making it possible to make this dream a reality. This is especially true if you pick these cars up second hand from a used car dealer like Unbeatable car. Here are the top three mid-priced coupes currently available.

Audi TT Coupe

The original TT hit the roads back in 1998 and it has maintained its popularity due to its distinctive styling. The third generation TT is a fantastic coupe that has the iconic look of the original but offers a far superior performance. With blistering speeds, superb handling and all kinds of great tech inside, any motorist will get a real thrill out of owning one of these vehicles. Despite the fact that it has such great styling, performance and an upmarket interior, the TT Coupe is surprisingly well priced.

The Top Three Mid-Priced Coupes

BMW 2 Series

BMW are considered to be a status symbol, but the 2 Series coupe gives you the luxury of driving a BMW but at a more affordable price. With a classic BMW appearance both inside and out, this superb coupe exudes class and sophistication. It also boasts superb handling thanks to the rear-drive chassis which makes it great fun to drive. In addition to being one of the more affordable BMW’s, the 2 Series coupe also features efficient and economical engines for lower running costs too. At the top of the range, the M2 has a formidable 365 bhp and the 218d returning around 65 MPG.

The Top Three Mid-Priced Coupes

Toyota GT86

This nifty compact coupe packs quite the punch with a 197 bph 2.0litre engine, plus it is also a blast to drive with a low driver position and traditional rear-wheel drive layout. As with all Toyota coupes, the GT86 is quite the head turner too with a sporty and bold exterior to match its performance. Despite all this, the Toyota GT86 is firmly in the mid-priced bracket and a great option for any motorist looking for an affordable, fun and sporty coupe.

The Top Three Mid-Priced Coupes

It is easy to look at class leading coupes and their lofty price tags and see these as dream cars, but there are actually a handful of excellent mid-priced coupes on the market that can make this dream a reality.


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