The Top 5 Places to Visit on a Charter Bus in the USA


Whether it is for a family group tour, corporate outing or school field trip, there are many beautiful places in the US you can choose to visit just to enjoy the sites, learn its history or simply relax. Charter Bus Companies offer charter buses of varying capacities depending on the size of the group that will be traveling.

Top 5 Places to Visit on a Charter Bus

Charter buses are safe and comfortable means of transporting you to the sights in the US you wish to explore with your group. Listed below are the top 5 places in the US you might want to set your eyes on for your group travel on a charter bus.

1 Washington, DC

There is no doubt that Washington, DC, is among the most visited places in the US. The reason being is that it has many interesting places to explore for adults and children alike. Washington, DC is a great travel destination to bring in busloads of students, coworkers, or family members. It has places full of history and museums of varied types which can cater to all ages and interests. But one of the best views to visit in Washington, DC are the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

2 Ohio

Ohio is one of the great places in the US, which offers many different areas to explore. It has Cedar Point Amusement Park with its modern thrill rides as well as old carnival classics that your group will definitely enjoy. Want to experience going back in time? You can visit the Amish Country and have a taste of the simpler life in an Amish home and farm. Traveling by a charter bus to Ohio can bring you to a long stretch of beach which stretches from Toledo to Cleveland. You can also find wildlife such as zebras, cheetahs, and giraffes in the middle of Ohio in a place called The Wilds.

3 Florida

Florida’s main attraction is its pristine beaches and it’s almost all-year-round sunny weather, so it is a favorite place for vacations, be it for a company outing or a family vacation. Florida is famous for its amusement parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios, which are perfect for family enjoyment or corporate bonding events. There is a whole lot of places for sightseeing you can bring your charter bus to such as parks, zoos, and aquariums that will surely appeal to anyone in the group, young or old.

4 California

California seems to have it all. It has beaches and theme parks, mountains and deserts and what have you. It has a variety of terrains that tourists will not be left wanting. One such place is the Joshua Tree National Park, where visitors can see different geologic features and a variety of plants and animals thriving in the area. A group tour will benefit from the many breathtaking sights to see in California.

5 Chicago

Chicago’s streets, crowded as it is, have many must-see fascinating sights that will be hard to pass up. It would be an easier way to navigate through the busy streets by hiring a charter bus to tour you around. Chicago has impressive skyscrapers such as the John Hancock Center and Sears Tower.

For art enthusiasts, Chicago is a place to go because The Art Institute of Chicago houses a variety of paintings by world-renowned artists and American artists as well.

The United States is full of many places to explore, and the best way to go about, especially when traveling in a big group is to take a charter bus for easy, comfortable and safe travel.


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