The top 4 car bloggers you should know about


Man showes bmw for woman.With the current advancement of technology, being on social media has contributed so much to the spread of news and information. The social media landscape has improved the social business through first hand interacting and advertisement and has made the world a global village. Although there are websites for advertisements, there are other people, who are professionals that are uplifting the marketing game, the bloggers. Bloggers are people who are very informed firsthand of the product in question and are the best sources of information without biasness. The blogger are always writing and stating facts, most of them out of experience with interaction of the product. The bloggers also differ in terms of topic or product being discussed about. Below are some of the top car bloggers that you should know about:

  • Alex Meyer. He is the chief editor for the gear 4 wheels blog. Alex has dealt and worked with cars for more than 13 years in the industry, changing the car audios, doing some mechanical staff. He has earned the nickname grease monkey because he likes to gets his hands dirty because when he is not writing he is working. Alex Meyer is the founder and chief mechanic for the gear 4 wheels team. His experience has made him qualified to work with so many brands and he shares all those skills through writing. He also spent ample time on research through different brands before writing.
  • Joe Harvey. He is the technical author and mobile audio expert. As a person who is obsessed with music, he is the perfect blogger on all you need to know about mobile audio. He has an experience of over 15 years and is good at easy Do It Yourself audio installation. As a blogger he has a recommendable reputation that supports his writings. He has made mobile audio his passion and can be clearly detected from his blogging and how he does his work manually. He is a trusted resource of all information pertaining mobile audio.
  • Kristen Cline. She has earned the name grease girl from her dedication and determination while working on cars. Grease girl is among the few who can restore a classic from scratch and make it a daily drive. Her blogs have Do It Yourself easy to follow guidelines that are easy to comprehend and execute. She has made her blog to be fun by filling it with pictures of her cruising with her car. Her work is commendable and inspiring to all car DIY projects newbies.
  • Mark Simons. He is the mind behind Rolf’s Import Auto Service blogs. Mark deals with imported cars and how to keep them at their best. Importing a car can be a difficult situation with daunts on what to do when something happens and also on what should be best approach to an imported car. His blogs will help guide you on how you will maintain your imported car keep it new and running and even on how to modify it to be better.

There are so many known car bloggers out there with plenty of useful information that will help you out with your car. You should do a good research on a few and check the background experience and reviews.


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