The Testing of the Focus Mule 2018 by Ford Began


car spy photos Ford Focus Mule 2018

That was the first time Ford tested its upcoming hatchback of the new generation. The test, however, was not very revealing.

The things that were noticed during the testdrive showed that the automobile will have a different bonnet with a joint in the middle of it. This is different from the current design of the model that does not have any particular characteristics in that place.

As for the exterior dimensions of the automobile, it will become bigger both in breadth and length. The back tires are not situated directly in the center of the wheel arches. Also the company managed to hide everything that is inside this upcoming model.

The test model was noticed to be a drive of right hand, but the rest of the interior is unknown, as it wasnt possible to take car spy photos Ford Focus Mule 2018 very close to the model.

As for the technology characteristics, the upcoming generation automobile could have similar features as the Mondeo with a new facelift. They can include suspension CCD with softening of potholes and a range of new features of connectivity and safety.


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