The Second Model of BMW 5-Series GT Will Be Out in 2017


The Second Model of BMW 5-Series GT Will Be Out in 2017

The 5-Series GT has always attracted public with its appearance without drawing much attention to other details. This time designers of the BMW decided to change this with the second generation of the 5-Series.

On the car spy photos BMW 5Series 2017 that were taken during the testing it is seen that the car won’t be as bulky especially in the rear and will have smoother lines that will differ the model of the 3-Series GT and 4-Series Gran Coupe.

The new version of the GT will have the same space for the legroom in the back and a bigger space in the boot. The automobile will be based on a longer wheelbase from the future sedan of the 5-Series and platform OKL of the Touring from a new 7-Series. Plus, due to the lightweight construction the automobile will be lighter for 100 kg.

The new GT model will have the same interior style and the engine row as two previous models. The motor row includes 2 liter fours of diesel and petrol that will be turbocharged as well as 3 liter six petrol and diesel. The hybrid version will also be available and it will be powered by the 2 liter 313PS turbo 4 and electric engine. Rear-wheel as well as all-wheel will be present on the market.

The car will be presented to the public in 2017.


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