The Prototype Spy Photos of Honda Civic Type R (2013)


The Prototype Spy Photos of Honda Civic Type R (2013)
The new spy photos reveal the prototype model, which looks like the future of the Honda Civic Type-R.
The regular hatch model of Civic went on sale in the year 2011, and the company has now built a go-faster Type-R hot hatch from the past two generations.
This is also the first evidence that the new model is still in pipeline. The sources of the CAR suggest that the customers will be able to see new Civic Type R in 2013.
The 2013 Iteration of the New Honda Civic Type-R:
When you opt for the new Type R, you do not have to worry about the whopping big rear spoiler. Rather, the engineers are using the aero package on the design of the road going cars.
Although Honda shied from the performance derivatives in recent years, the new top brass of the company has pledged to get back the sporting roots.
What you can get from the new Civic Type-R:
Honda us rolling out the new engines of the family, one of that will power the 2013 Civic Type-R. The company has also pledged to lower the CO2 emissions by thirty percent by 2020.
The company is planning to achieve this through a blend of engine tech, hybrids, downsizing as well as electric vehicles. However, we believe that the new Type R Civic will stick on to the more conservative VTEC engine rather than the NSX-alike hybrid solution.
There is also a batch of fun hot hatches that will add interest to the humdrum mainstream cars. Some of them include the new VW Golf GTI, Focus ST as well as Vauxhall Astra VXR looming.


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