The Prototype of BMW 3 Series 2018 Was Caught by Spies


car spy photos BMW 3 Series 2018

The BMW 3 Series is in real competition with its strongest rivals – Mercedes C Class and Audi A4. However, it looks like BMW decided to win this competitiveness by creating a new model of the following generation, the construction of which has already started.

The version is supposed to be presented in 2018 and it will acquire a sporty design with some hard edges and sharp buckles. On the car spy photos BMW 3 Series 2018, which were taken by spies, it is hard to notice all these changes as the car was completely camouflaged. However, the prototype is still on the early stage of its development and there might be a lot of changes made in the following two years.

It is even more difficult to say anything about the interior, but according to some reports, the designers of an updated version will improve the quality, nature, and skills of the car. Also, it was pointed out, that the brand will replenish high quality new materials and equipment.

The following generation version will have advanced carpets and seals that will help to decrease the noise coming into the cabin. Technical features as well as engine options are unknown for now, but there will be a new platform, which will make the automobile lighter. The model might also include some ecofriendly versions of engines.


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