The New Hyundai ix30 MPV/Crossover Spy Photos Captured


The 2008 Geneva Motor Show was when Hyundai introduced their brand new MPV / Crossover that was tentatively called the HED-5 i-Mode concept. It has been quite some time since they’ve gone from concept to final product, but the first images of the prototype are just coming out now. The ix30 is beautiful, and it was caught during test drives.
The internal codename of “SO” was what it was called. There are a total of three rows of seats, and it can fit 6 passengers. The camouflage, unfortunately, hid most of the styling on the car, but all the extra cushioning suggests it will probably have a sloping roofline.

It could also be badge-engineered and made to be a substitute for the Kia Rondo, but this is unable to be confirmed at this point.

When it first comes out, it will have to do battle with the Ford C-Max and Mazda5 for dominance in the MPV market.


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