The new generation BMW X5 M creating a storm at Nürburgring


Not keeping its performance and quality obsessed customers waiting too long, BMW is ready to introduce to the market its new generation X5. This third generation X5, which is M-powered by the latest technology, is making quite a few waves at Nurburgring and in addition to the videos of this gala event last week, we are giving viewers a first hand sneak preview of this design masterpiece. Though its difficult to assess what is new in the X5 M’s design, the screenshots point to latest design crossovers like cross-drilled rotors, massive enhancements in the signature blue brakes callipers and significant other features like a quad exhaust also present in the standard models. It is expected that beneath the hood there will be a twin turbo V8 engine boasting at least 560 horsepower or more, ranking it among one of the most powerfully built engines in the world.


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