The New Ford EcoSport Is Unleashed


The New Ford EcoSport Is Unleashed

Ford came out with the new EcoSport Concept when it unveiled it originally at the New Delhi Auto Expo, and people were astonished. It was a tiny, great-looking CUV, and it had nice engines, and they could do very well in the United States. The Brazilian newspaper, Noticias Automativas, has caught some photos before the camouflage was put on, and this was before it was to undergo crash testing too, and it doesn’t look like it changed much from the showcar.
There are no more sparkling LED-powered headlights, but everything else seems to be very close to what J Mays told us about in New Delhi. The final version coming out should come with a couple of engine options. One is the 1.6-liter Sigma, and the other is the 2.0 liter Duratec.

Ford plans to take the EcoSport brand outside of Brazil, but there is little hope that it will be sold in North America, and there were some executives from Blue Oval that said the car was Fiesta-sized and just too minutely tiny. You can see some more photos of the EcoSport in Noticias Automotivas. Be sure to check out the brand new pictures and decide for yourself if it is too small. You might be surprised at the kind of reactions you get by looking at the pictures and showing them to your friends. They might think it is of perfect size to come out in North America.


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