The New Ford 7 Seater SUV Seen Being Tested


It seems like Ford are working on a new version of its global Ranger pickup – a SUV. There were pictures taken in Australia of what looks like an early prototype of the seven passenger vehicle. It is expected, if you believe the rumours that it might be in showrooms next year. In Australia Ford has the Territory SUV but it is possible that this might replace that model. It is expected that the name could be Everest or Endeavour but there are no clues yet.
There will be a shorter wheelbase than the pickup with more ground clearance which will mean that it is better when going off road. The vehicle pictured is a Ranger front with a Territory back grafted together and so is obviously not close to the finished model. However, it is expected that the car will be revealed at the end of next year which means it could be a 2015 model.


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