The New BMW i8 Electric i8 SuperCar Is Out In 2014


BMW is just finishing up now with the new i8 supercar. The i3 production car is the first one they are working one. Now, you can learn all about what the i8 car will be like when it first comes to showrooms as a plug-in hybrid supercar this time around. This plug-in hybrid supermodel will be one of the most luxurious hybrids to ever come out in markets anywhere in the world. BMW is expecting a large audience for it too. It will be a tremendous car when it first comes to showrooms, and customers are already preparing for its release. It is going to be one of the most astonishing releases of an electric car ever to hit American shores.
It will weigh about 1450 kilos, and the i8 will be uniquely available only in the hybrid electric model. It will be very close to the concept, and it will be a low-lying car supplied with pop-out doors and spoilers that look like wings. It will also have a 170bhp electric motor in it which will lend power to the front wheels. It will be linked to a turbocharged 1.5-litre engine that has three cylinders, and the specifications on that will be around 223bhp and 295lb ft, and this part of it will give the rear wheels some power.

What about the BMW i8’s that are supposed to run on petrol oil?

There will be no models that run on petrol. The earlier model that was considered, the M, would have used a V8 engine or something of that nature, but that is no more a component of the program.

The car will have a great black box built in, and the i8 will be able to shift to either front-wheel drive or use a rear-wheel drive or all all-wheel drive. You can do one of three things with the car. It is up to you.

There will be some added benefit from the torque chips, and this will be a snazzy little piece of machinery that will use all the standard tools of the industry.

What about BMW i8 range?

Once the car is fully charged, it can span a distance of about 20 miles without any emissions whatsoever. This is when it is in zero-emission mode. However, when all the horsepower is kicked in, and there is the 406lb ft torque that is added, it can take you from 0-62mph in 4.9sec. It has a top speed that hovers around the mark of 156mph. That’s a pretty good top speed for an electric car. It is still pretty fast compared to even most standard cars.

If you’re judging using the European driving cycle, then when you take a look at the energy needed to make the battery work, the basic fuel consumption is at about 104.2mpg. There are three other models like the i1, i3, and i5 that use a single-speed transmission mode that is tied directly to the electronic motor. The i8, however, has a gearbox that goes in four speeds. It has a much wider range of performance.

What will the cost of the BMW i8 be?

The car will be over $100,000 easiliy. However, BMW has about 10,000 customers they expect to pull in to use the car. This is just one of many BMW I vehicles, and the i8 will be based upon the principles of the Life and Drive principles, and they will have the carbon fiber body and the aluminum built into the select components embodying the chassis.

There will be some really great driver assistance programs too like the One Pedal Control, Brake Control, Parking Assistance, Congestion Assistance, Range Assistance, Precondition Assistance, and Navigation Assistance.


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