The New BMW 3 Series GT Spotted!


The new BMW 3 series GT is a variant of the Gran Turismo but a roomier model. It will be available in a regular style as well as with a sporty trim, which should help to make it more popular than the 5GT.
This information has been put together as a result of some photos that were taken of the car recently.
Specifications of the Car
The 3 series will have two cars with different wheelbases. The 3GT will be longer and will have the same long wheel base as the Gran Coupe 4 series.
The great advantage of the long wheelbase means that there is more room inside the car. The extra length has been used to provide more legroom for passengers in the back of the car as well as a bigger boot. This is the same as has been done with the 5-series Gran Turismo. There will not be the same two piece boot as the 5 series though. The 3 series will have a one piece tailgate which does not look that streamlined.
The labelling of the BMW Coupes will change form 2013. The next 3-series car will become the 4-series. This means that the three series hatchback will continue to be called the number three, with the more sporty two door cars being the number four in the series.
The look of the new BMW 3 series GT will be very similar to others in this class. The engine will be more like the 5GT range though being rather more high powered. It has therefore been concluded that the petrol model will be a 245bhp and the diesel will be 163bhp.
All 5GTs are automatics and have an eight speed gearbox which has a dual clutch. The 3GT will possibly also be only available in automatic and probably have xDrive versions with all wheel drive, which may never get to the UK showrooms.
Cost Details
It is felt that the 3GT will start at around £3700 more than the regular 3 series. It is expected to arrive on the market towards the end of 2013. The first chance to have a look at the car will be at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.


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