The new Audi rival…



We all know that Audi UK and BMW are huge rivals and it is a constant battle between them and lets be honest, its pretty even on which one is more popular than the other.

BMW‘s big selling 3 Series will arrive with a new look, new tech and more power in 2018. The German manufacturer is readying its all-new seventh generation saloon, with prototypes being spotted at the Nurburgring for the first time.

audi2From the photos it’s hard to really see just how much the design of the 3 Series will change, which is the whole point of the camo wrap, but given how the saloon has evolved over the years don’t expect anything too dramatic. (Because why fix something when its not broken?).
The new 7 Series has set a new benchmark for BMW in terms of design and tech so expect its softer curves and more elegant lines to appear on the 3 Series.

From what we can make out, the familiar styling details such as the BMWdouble kidney grille remain, but the curvy headlamp design appears totally different from those on the current model.

Under the skin, we can expect BMW will take a leaf out of Audi’s books by cutting weight yet adding space.
The current BMW 3 Series is falling behind the latest models for rear seat room and bootspace, so that looks like that will be a priority.


It will be made possible by the 3 Series using a new lightweight aluminium chassis which will first underpin the upcoming X3 SUV. The switch will help contribute significantly to the 80kg of weight the 3 Series will shed over the current model.
That weight reduction will also boost fuel economy and performance.

As for engines, the 3 Series will stick with three, four and six-cylinder engine options with all featuring efficiency tweaks. A 330e plug-in hybrid will also be on offer.

What do you think, are you a BMW fan? Would you buy a BMW over an Audi?


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