The New And Improved Nissan Sentra: Why It Is The Car To Beat


The Nissan Sentra has always been a popular choice in the sedan world, but the innovative new design of the 2017 model might make it that much more attractive. It’s not just about the reliability of its reputation and its cheaper-than-average price tag; the upgrades are an excellent addition that may turn on more car buyers than ever before.

Nissan Sentra on the expo

Nissan Sentra Surrey, listened to previous owners and made accommodations accordingly, which means that it has been redesigned with a roomier backseat and more legroom for the entire family. Although it’s a sedan model, Nissan’s aim was to make it a more “family-friendly” car, a goal they achieved with flying colors. The new features only heighten that safe “family” feel, making Sentra, the perfect vehicle to transport the people you love the most. You should give the 2017 Nissan Sentra a look this year, because there are some really great features nicely tucked away into this dazzling beauty.

The newly-redesigned Nissan Sentra has one of the most impressive gas mileage records in its class. The manual version boasts 27 city miles per gallon and a whopping 35 miles when you hit the highway. That is good for your gas budget and allows you to go longer without having to fuel up. The Nissan Xtronic CVT is the best bet with a 29/37 ratio; even if it is just a few miles more, when you translate them into miles saved per year, that can be some real savings.

Not just boasting an amazing safety record, the Nissan Sentra has one of the lowest maintenance and repair records of any other car in its class. That means fewer days in the shop and more money in your wallet. The average Nissan Sentra owner typically goes for a minimum of five years before they have any mechanical problems. That is a rarity in today’s car market, and one that should be a huge selling point.

Perhaps one of the best reasons that the 2017 Nissan Sentra is the car to beat is because its price point is so incredible. The base model is just about $17,000, and you can get the upgraded top-of-the-line model for just about $22,000. That is a fantastic value for advantage ratio in this class of cars.

Perhaps one of the best upgrades to the 2017 Nissan Sentra is the exciting and newly-redesigned SR Turbo model. With an 188-HP engine, it offers more power than the basic engine that Sentra lovers have gotten used to. The sports suspension allows for greater performance that easily turns an average sedan into more of an all-terrain vehicle. The good news is that even when you open it up and use the engine to its max, you won’t sacrifice much in gas mileage. Even when using the Turbo to its max, you still get 32 mpg.

Although its target demographic is a family audience, the sleek design doesn’t scream “settled down.” The signature appearance of the Nissan Sentra is still there with a racy- looking body and on-board 17-inch sports wheels. The LED headlamps are a sporty addition, and the new paint colors are outside the ordinary palette, allowing you to customize your car to your liking.

Don’t be fooled by the flashiness and excellent turbo engine; this is a family car with all the awesomeness to make road trips and vacations memorable instead of miserable. A roomier passenger cargo means that everyone can stretch out and not be sitting on top of one another. There is also an excellent 15 cubic feet of trunk room to house everything you need to equip your kids and then some.

The best part of the 2017 Nissan Sentra is the integrative system that spares no innovation. A complete infotainment system is standard, helping to keep you safe and hands-free while multitasking on your journey. Use your smartphone for information without taking your eyes off of the road or being distracted. The automatic braking technology also ensures that even if you miss something the car won’t, which gives you and your family the additional security to make it to your destination intact and protected.

Get the whole family involved in the entertainment with a sound system that is out of this world. A Bose audio system is one of the best upgrades to let everyone sing along. If you are looking for a family-friendly car that doesn’t scream “boring,” the 2017 Nissan Sentra is the perfect design for you. It is a car that can’t be beaten, especially with such a nice price.


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