The Ne Audi A1 Convertible Out In 2013 Is Ingolstadt’s Fiat 500C Competitor


Audi is going to unveil a brand new A1 convertible that is set to come out in 2013. This is not the same as the Cabriolet though. This will be a soft-top convertible, and there will be a roof made of fabric that will be in its place.
The A1 Convertible will actually be very similar to the Fiat 500C.

The Audio, as seen by the artist experts here, will have a less technological solution, with that same great motor, but it won’t have the full convertible experience. You won’t have to engineer a full new car again either.

The roof will work with an electrical operation, and it will move back with just pressing a button. No one knows yet how the roof will open, whether it will be done in bits or all at once. The roof is a bit of a mystery here, and no one is sure how it will open, or what it will be made of. There are a lot of people that aren’t quite sure how it will work. No one is very certain of just how the logistics and procedures will work on it. That part is a bit of a mystery to most users now.

What else can we expect from the Audi A1?

There is a gradual expansion of the A1 familiy right now. There was the A1 Sportback that already come, and this was a five-door model that was paralleled along with the three-door model that came out already.

The new convertible will be an upcoming body style to join in, but it will not be the last model.

There is also another model that is going to come to the Q family. It was previously going to be a small SUV, and it will likely be called the Q2, and it will go up a little bit in the users’ minds.

This car will definitely come out in 2013. 2013 is going to be a year when a lot of new cars are going to be released. Expect a lot of competition in the electric motor hybrid market.


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