The McLaren F1 Out In 2015


The McLaren F1 Out In 2015

The cool McLaren F1 is going to need a replacement. The original F1 that came out cost about a million bucks in the 1990s, and it had 618 horsepower, and it was constructed out of carbon-fiber. The new replacement will be a light road missile with the performance of a Bugatti Veryon, but it will still come in at under 1,000 horsepower. The new design for the F1 will be very progressive, and Frank Stephenson over at McLaren is working on it. It will be like a mixture between an eagle, fish, and big cat, to paraphrase the quote lightly.
The world has been anxious to get a replacement ever since the McLaren closed down the F1 model in 1998.

People are suggesting that the platform will be basically based on the carbon fiber structure of the Mp4-12C. It won’t be like the original, however, because there won’t be a trio of seats with the driver resting in the middle. This model will just have two seats. Plus, the move from fiberglass and aluminum to carbon fiber will shave off a few pounds.

The original car had a unique engine, but the successor will get a bigger and tweaked engine based on the MP4-12C twin-turbo V-8. There will be a system for recouping energy that will be similar to what is used in Formula 1. Every time the car brakes, it will store up energy in a flywheel or battery. This stored energy will then be used to complement the existing engine vis-à-vis an electric motor.

The car expects to have some competition from the Ferrari Enzo and Lamborghini Avendator.

McLaren might mess up the car by not giving it a real name, though.

The price should be around $700,000 to $800,000, and it should be unveiled in about 2015 or so.


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