The Latest Spy Pics of Maserati Quattroporte


The Latest Spy Pics of Maserati Quattroporte
The images have depicted the rear light design of the new car for the very first time. It also shows the roofline of the Quattroporte that gives the car a new look similar to Audi A7 Sportback.
The new look of the Quattroporte also aims to give a more expensive look to the position range-topping versions. Maserati calls this version as the “super-luxury portion of G-segment”.The company is still to settle on whether to launch the latest V8 petrol-powered sports saloon in the Paris show in September or wait until January for the Detroit 2013 show.
The new Quattroporte, which is developed under the codename M156, will shift the up market for making space in the range for the forthcoming mid-size saloon of Maserati. This model is also a competitor for the BMW 5-series and Jaguar XF and known as Project M157 internally.
The new smaller saloon sibling of Quattroporte, which is targeted at the top-spec BMW 5-series models will get the V6 petrols as well as diesel engines, will also be available from 2013. It is also reported in one of the Italian media that this smaller car model will be named as Levante.
The company also insists that the new Quattroporte model will be based on an innovative platform. However, it is likely to feature some of the elements of Chrysler 300C in its structure.
The experts also expect that the new model employ the latest ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox. Moreover, it also comes with other features such as the stop-start system rather than the six-speed automatic, which is fitted to some current models some of the current models. The present V8 petrol engines will be carried to the latest model.


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