The Latest shots of the Porsche 911 Turbo


There have been previous spy photos taken of the Porsche 911 turbo but these are among the best so far. The car has not been disguised very much and so it is a good chance to see more clearly the lights, side intakes and front grilles. The car was spotted while on mountain roads in Spain undergoing it last few tests.
The car is likely to be seen next year and is expected perhaps at the Frankfurt Motor Show which takes place in September as this is the home event for Porsche. Nothing has been confirmed by Porsche yet though, this is all just rumour.
The shots do reveal some interesting things about the car. The engine air intakes, for example have a smaller opening which is rounder in shape, although they have tried to disguise this with some stickers to make it look more like the 997’s look. They obviously felt that they wanted this to be a big surprise when the final car was eventually revealed. The pictures also show the splitter and front bumper which are flared at the bottom, looking like the new Caymen.
The back of the car also shows some interesting features. The quad tailpipes are boxy and look neater than single section ones previous seen. The wheel arch ducting is also able to be seen. It has a bi-plane rear spoiler that is large that makes it look like it is a turbo. The fog lights on the front have pods on the bumper which is a design from the 997.
There seems to be a gearshift paddle behind the steering wheel. This will be best used with the seven speed dual clutch PDK, although there will be a manual transmission available as well. Porsche have reported that the 997 sold 95% in the paddle shift design and so it is expected that in the 911 the manual transmission will not be very popular.
There will be a torque vectoring all-wheel drive from the 3.8 litre flat six, twin turbo engine which will have 520bhp. The due consumption will be lower than the 997 as well as the CO2 output, making it a greener version.
The output is said to be very much the same as the 997 but the slimmed down version of the car (compared to the 997) should mean that it will be faster and more efficient.
There will also be a 991 Turbo S as well which will have extra power to rival the 542bhp Nissan GT-R. It will be significantly more expensive that the Nissan, but otherwise should match up very well. The Nissan is almost £75k but the 911 Turbo will be £130k and the Turbo S £150k. Quite a staggering difference, but with the Porsche being a higher status vehicle, there is quite a different market in some ways .


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