The Latest News for Smart Fortwo 2014


The Smart Fortwo 2014 was originally going to be a collaborative effort between Renault/Nissan and Daimler. However, Renault/Nissan has decided to pull out of the deal meaning that Daimler will now been completing the development of the vehicle on their own. This was because the French wanted to save themselves both manpower and money as they have been using a lot of resources in developing their new electric car range such as the Zoe and Twizy. With the Smart Fortwo project being over budget and time already, this could leave the Germans with a lot of money to make up.
The 2014 Smart Fortwo will be less economical than the previous model because it will no longer have a diesel variant. This means that it will have a three cylinder petrol engine giving 65BHP which will increase the carbon footprint form 86 to 99g/km. It will also be a manual transmission with six speeds as standard although a seven speed gearbox with twin clutch is available if you want to pay out an additional 2000 Euros. There will also be turbo charged options at 85 and 105 bhp. The future is like to see electric versions of the car as well as a Cabrio. These will come three months after this one is released and the electric version has Accumotive batteries as a 88bhp Bosch motor.
The look of the car will change a bit. It will keep the two tone paint colour as well as the Tridion safety cell. Sadly, those who have seen the finished look have described it as frumpy. The length is slightly larger but the 30mm will not make a significant difference. The width increases by an even smaller 20mm. It could make the vehicle more difficult to park in tight spaces but it could help the stability. These changes were copied from the Toyota IQ and it is felt by some that this was a mistake.
The inside has a completely new design as well and luckily this seems to have been more successful. There is a good mix of technology with a tablet that had sat-nav, smartphone and ipad all in one and easy to control air conditioning. There are also eight buttons on the steering wheel. The trademark features including the rev counter positioned at the bottom of the A post on the drivers side and four round air vents are almost the same as before.


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