The Inside Of The Jaguar C-X16 Has Been Spotted


The Inside Of The Jaguar C-X16 Has Been Spotted

There have been spy photographers in the Midlands that have taken a peek inside the Jaguar coupe, and it is a concept that is built upon the C-X16 concept. The production model will come out later in the year.
The initial spy photographs to come out reveal a C-X16 that will have snug cabin that seats two people comfortably.

There are some initial prototypes that have come out, and they have been spotted in Conventry. These are test cars, and they are just in the early phases. They are basically just like tweaked and altered coupes and convertibles. If you take a look at the XK, you can see what a C-X16 prototype might appear to look like now.

What will the interior of the Jaguar C-X16 look like?

The interior will be a combination of XK and Land Rover. The dashboard look, big display, and climate area are all a mish-mash.

It is not smart to get too much information out of the interior of this cabin. Interiors often change over enough time.

The C-X16 production model will have some of the beauty of the 2011 concept. There are going to be three controllers underneath the main screen, and a lot of the basic controls for elements like screens that are heated are roughly located in the same position.

Well, what about the gearlever?

It is in a really good spot. The spy photograph of the Jaguar C-X16 reveals that will have the classic traditional look of a stick shift.

All the main Jaguars will have the rotary gearchange dial, and the spy photograph reveals a parallel level to control the gears in the automatic mode.

Jaguar has been using J-gate handle, standard levels, and standard dials. It’s come in a complete cycle. You sometimes can’t make something totally new.


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