The Hyundai Santa Fe Gets a New Look


Hyundai Santa Fe The last we heard from Hyundai’s Santa Fe model was way back in 2012. While it was a great model, it sure can do with a little bit of tweaking. We spotted the Santa Fe with a near look suggesting an upcoming upgrade in the near future.

The Santa Fe was on the roads of Europe with an upcoming design featuring foglights based on LED and a refreshed design, a change in bumper appearance as well as its other lights including the tail end. There have also been other minor changes around the vehicle. The dashboard is also getting a more entertainment focused upgrade.

There wasn’t many more hints dropped by Hyundai about the vehicle but we can hope to see an upgrade this year as the model seems pretty much complete altogether. As each model of the Santa Fe lasts for over 5 years before discontinuation, we can expect the 2012 model to be around for a little longer.


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