The exclusive sneak peak at the brand new 2014 Subaru Forester


The brand new 2014 Subaru Forester was finally caught on camera after almost one month, when we barely got to catch a glimpse of this new model owing to some scanned images from the brochures. What we see in these spy shots is the example of a new generation, early production model that not only give us a glimpse of the newest addition to Subaru from various angles but also give us a fair idea of the sporty features of this brilliant vehicle. The new Subaru is a far cry from the misshapen and unfashionably large station wagon model design that were discarded from the model’s last generation after a series of poor reviews. The new model is a sleek design that incorporates a streamlined look, and better proportions that fit in perfectly into the CUV section that was created into the new model. The images clearly show how the front and rear of the vehicle were designed keeping in mind a more sophisticated look, with the front end resembling the old generation  Acura RDX. The rear end reminds one instantly of other Subaru models, with features like an Impreza hatch and certain sportier older models like the XV Crosstrek.  While the images do not suggest the exact date when the new Subaru Forrester will hit the market, however it can be speculated that the wait is not going to be very long.
The images suggest that this is a far more sporty design with a very imposing fascia with wheels that are more stylish and a newly painted and machined exterior. Some experts are also of the opinion that the new Subaru might just be a turbocharged version of the older Forester XT models, which would indicate that the inconveniently mounted inter cooler in the old version has been packed off into more conventional counters, at the back end of the grille.


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