The DBS (2012) Scooped by Aston Martin


The DBS (2012) Scooped by Aston Martin
The Aston Martin is going to replace the DBS super car. Now we may look for a car but it will be like the James bond car. The photos have captured the DBS prototype on test in Germany. The photos are showing these tests. The sports cars are snapped in different angles and also the cabin is captured n the film. These photos are from the Aston Martin DBS.
The Aston dealers will start their new version to the UK market by the end of 2012. This will be in the summer season and the Paris motor show will also be in the autumn season.
What is new in the Aston Martin DBS 2012?
There is lot of changes for the people who like to see the changes in the car. The metal work changes on the back of the car. The seating is very comfortable and surely the car will come on the category of one-77. The spoilers, aprons and other details are observed carefully. The mirrors on the side can be fixed on the doors.
The Aston flagship here is very much visible about the sleek and the samey style which will increase the width of the car.
The mechanicals in the new 2012 DBS
The new DBS will have the V-12 engine. The V 8 and the V12 range can e like the same till 2016.
Do not think much about the interior spy photo. The current DB9 and the DBS dash control the car. Gaydon promises to improve the quality of the products. The buyers will have high expectations. The features from the sat-nav is concentrated in Aston’s new games.


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