The Chevrolet Corvette 2014 – A Little Bit More Information


The Chevy Corvette C7 has a little more information revealed about it. The car is affordable but still has many great features as well as looking really good. General Motors always seem to come up trumps with their cars but the Corvette stands out above them all and this is why it is so anticipated. Early information has also shown that it will be likely to live up to expectations.
The car will have a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive platform which is the same as the C6. Some may hope that it would have changed, but it has not. It will have very little carbon fibre on the base and the main parts of the car are aluminium which are hydroformed. The rubber will be provided by Michelin.
It is hoped that the interior will be much improved on the C7. The C7 has cheap seats and switchgear which are floppy and not nice at all. It is felt that the company will try to make an improvement on this because it is such an embarrassment at the moment.  There is evidence from the company that this will happen and evidence as well. Spy pictures have even show Recaro style chairs and the display being of a modern gauge design, so it is hoped that these are correct as they will definitely be better than what is in the current version.
Chevy have revealed some information about the car themselves. They have stated that the LT1 engine which will be 6.2 liters will provide in excess of 450 hp with the torque being 450lb-ft.
The transmission will be manual and will have seven forward gears, the same amount as in the Porsce 911’s latest model. An eight speed automatic transmission has been worked on but a supplier is also working on one because the work has not been completed.
It is expected that there will be variants produced later perhaps a Zo6 or ZR1. It is likely that the car will fit in to the market where the Dodge Viper, Prsche Cayman S and 911, BMW M3/M4 and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 currently site.
The car is expected to be featured at the Detroit Auto Show which is not far away – January 13th 2013. The car should go on sale later in the year and it is expected that it will be priced around $55,000 with early stock being priced at a higher level.


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