The Best Family Cars For 2019


Your car is your chariot, and only the best will do for you and your family. You use your car so much that it’s become like a member of the family; it’s a reliable, dependable workhorse, always there when kids need picking up from a late-night gig or shopping needs to be done. Without your car, you’d be at a total loss.

Even though that’s the case, you’ve started noticing some things about your car that don’t sit right. Maybe it’s taking longer to start in the mornings, or maybe ominous lights are appearing on the dashboard that signal doom. Whatever’s happening, it can’t be good, so you’ve resolved to get yourself a new one. You may or may not have considered funding; logbook loans, regular loans or savings are all on the table right now.
The most difficult thing for you to decide, though, is which model you’re going to opt for. Never fear – help is at hand. We’ve assembled a list of the best family cars to opt for in 2019.

Audi Q4

Audi Q4The Q4 is the hat Audi is throwing into the ring to compete with BMW’s X2 crossover. If you’re not sure what that is, think a cross between a high SUV and a low coupe and you’re in the right ballpark. The Q4 is stylish and hard-wearing, and it’s an excellent replacement for your trusty SUV, especially since Audi is fielding hybrid and electric models for the environment-conscious among you. If you’ve not yet joined the electric revolution, don’t worry; Audi will also be offering conventional petrol and diesel engines for the Q4 too. Roomy, smooth and super-convenient, the Q4 is the family car to own in 2019.

Honda CR-V 2019

Honda CR-V 2019The Honda CR-V is a monster of a family car, offering five- and seven-seat solutions depending on the size of your family. It’s got a 1.5-litre petrol engine to ensure you won’t run out of fuel on those long journeys, but there’s something else about the CR-V that’s sure to attract you; the hybrid version, with a 2-litre engine, a fixed gear ratio and Honda’s proprietary “Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive” technology, which increases fuel efficiency and allows for longer drivers on less fuel. Larger families should look no further than the CR-V for their car next year.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender 2019The vehicle of choice for the rugged outdoorsman, the Land Rover Defender is ideal for those who live off the beaten track and need to do a lot of off-road driving. Land Rover’s DC100 was met with some hostility back in 2011, so the classic company is now on the back foot, fending off challenges by Jeep and other contenders. As such, the new Defender coming in 2019 will be much closer to the company’s classic Range Rover models and will sport improved off-road mechanics. If you find yourself shunning the tarmac, Land Rover will be the one to beat in 2019.

Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke 2019The latest Nissan Micra is contributing some of its internals to the Juke, which promises to be another high-quality offering from the Japanese manufacturer. As family cars go, the Juke is swimming in shark-infested waters; competition from all major car manufacturers means the Juke will have to perform extra-well to outclass its rivals. Luckily, the 2019 Juke will boast even more space than its roomy cousins, as well as Nissan’s signature excellent design and emphasis on comfort. If you like to feel chilled while you drive, then the Juke is your car.

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny 2019For those who can look past the slightly idiosyncratic design, the Jimny will more than suffice. It’s a cute little thing, with its off-kilter name and angular aesthetic, but the Jimny is a surprisingly powerful machine. 2019’s version may well boast Suzuki’s Ignis hybrid system as well as its patented four-wheel drive technology, making this one a difficult proposition to beat for an off-roader. Again, this won’t trouble tarmac in the same way that Nissan or Audi’s offerings will, but if you and your family are in the market for a dirt road drive, the Jimny is a serious contender. It doesn’t quite have the room of some of the other vehicles on this list, though, so if that’s a consideration then stay well away.

Volkswagen T-Cross 2019

Volkswagen T-Cross 2019 2019The T-cross is another high-slung machine that’s built for families. With its 385-litre boot, it’s perfect for massive shopping sprees or budding musician children, and its comfort factor is superb. Like the Audi Q4, it’s entering the SUV crossover market, which is crowded, but Volkswagen is likely confident that its stellar design and sleek aesthetic will win the day in the end. The seating position is high, but there’s no four-wheel drive option, meaning this is a road car through and through.


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