The Best Car Brands to Buy on the Car Market


Nowadays, there are plenty of options when buying a car compared to the selection on offer a few decades ago. May car makers are keen to keep vehicles on the production line for as long as they can, and because of that, there has been a significant increase in the number of used car sales across the country.

The best car.


Sat at the very top of the leader board, Jaguar is now considered the best luxury brand on the market and even more so on the used car market too. We can only thank recent examples such as the I-Pace and other popular SUVs for Jag’s success in the motor industry and for becoming a world-class luxury vehicle manufacturer.
Although the car maker ranked 20 th for reliability and despite many owners admitting that their vehicle developed faults at some point during the time they had owned their car, brand name and beautiful structure overrules what’s underneath the surface.


Despite tumbling down a few places since 2017, Mazda vehicles are some of the most popular on the market and the Japanese car maker has plenty to be proud of this year with some highly impressive aspects! Granted, price is sometimes a little steeper than people would like, but with just 14.8% of all vehicle produced recording faults, Mazda has encouraged competition lately.
Ride and handling are just two of the reasons why Mazda has a reputation as one of the most reliable brands on the market, and stunning looks is a huge contribution to how successful the company has become over the last few years.


Known for supplying a selection of the most reliable, low-cost vehicles on the market, Kia has a brilliant reputation thanks to a significant number of clever touches on the inside of its vehicles; and flexible seating arrangements in models like the Sorento makes Kia vehicles more practical than many others.
Many car buyers prefer to buy used Kia examples because even they hold their own value!

Land Rover

For many, it should come as no surprise that Land Rover has landed a place this far ahead of other car makers of a similar or the same reputation. Surging up the rankings, Land Rover has jumped straight from 24 th to 7 th place, with very few drivers reporting the development of faults in their off-roaders.

However, the brand also ranked second for comfort and interior, which is major for any car maker competing in the motor industry this year.


Though this may be to your surprise, Skoda is one of the most common brands bought on the used car market every day. While models such as the CitiGo make for the ideal compact city runabout, sales of other examples like the Kodiaq have rapidly increased this year, proving the car maker to be amongst the UK’s favourites!


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