The Benefits of Driving for Uber


The summer is here and everyone needs a little extra cash to enjoy the warm weather and prepare for the oncoming winter and festive season. Have you thought about driving for Uber this summer as a means to achieve your financial goals? Driving for Uber is a viable way to increase your income doing something you love. Here are the top benefits of driving for Uber and some tips to help you build a driver profile that earns you more.

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#1 Earn Extra Income Doing Something You Love

If you love getting out on the road and cruising the streets, then why not earn some extra money picking up passengers? With Uber, you start earning immediately and there is no waiting around til the end of the month for a paycheck. You start earning from the very first ride.

#2 Be Your Own Boss and Drive when You Want

Tired of being yelled at by your boss? With Uber, you have the chance to be self-employed and answer to no-one but your clients. This level of freedom means that you drive when you want, where you want. Choose the hours you want to suit your schedule. If you prefer driving at night, then all you need to do is jump in your ride and fire up your ride sharing app to get started. Uber lets you drive anywhere you want, there are no set routes or venues that you must adhere to, you have complete control of your working hours and route.

#3 Create New Opportunities

You never know who is going to step into your car. You may pick up someone that offers you another business opportunity, or your dream job. Half of the fun of being an Uber driver is meeting new and interesting people.

#4 The Uber Partner Network

With the Uber partner network, you have access to a wide variety of products and services related to the auto industry. The Uber partner network can help you out with everything you need from servicing, new tires, new leases such as those available at and even discounts on data and minutes for your smartphone.

How to Build a Five-Star Driver Profile

Your driver profile is the backbone of your Uber business. Everything you can do to increase the value of your profile will bring you more clients. Here are four quick tips you can use to get off the ground running.

#1 Keep Your Car Clean

Nobody wants to step into a filthy ride. Make sure your car is clean both inside and out. Keep a portable vacuum cleaner in your trunk and go over the back seat after every fare.

#2 Extra Amenities for Clients

Go the extra mile for your passengers. Get yourself a cooler that plugs into your car charger and stock it with bottles of mineral water. When you collect your passenger, ask them if they would like a cold bottle of water and watch their reaction. Most people will be completely shocked. Keep a powerbank in your car and offer it to your clients to charge their devices. The little things that you do to make their lives more convenient will result in stellar reviews on your profile.

#3 Dress Well

People will make their first impression of you within the first three seconds that they see you. Make it count by dressing well. If you are driving for the regular Uber system, then dress in a smart but casual way. If you are driving for Uber Black, then make sure you wear a well-tailored black suit. Keep your hair and nails clean and trimmed and try to shave if you can.

#4 Ask for a Review

Uber frowns upon drivers asking for tips and if you are caught doing so, then you may have your driver profile suspended. Instead of asking for a tip, ask for a review. Be forward but polite when you ask and if you have done your job correctly then you should receive a five-star review every time.

In Closing

Driving for Uber is a great way to use your car to earn extra money while providing a valuable service that people need. Take these tips and apply them, you will soon be a five-star rated driver, making money hand over fist.


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