The Audio E-tron 2019 model spy photos and video


I filmed the Audi E-Tron 2019 model all through the Industry Pool held at Nürburgring.

Come next year, Audi is expected to launch an electric SUV to the bazaar which will probably be a 2019 model and in the form of e-Tron.

2019 AUDI E-TRON SPIED TESTING.At the Frankfurt show in 2015, this SUV was initially announced as a notion. Its size is projected to be amid the Q5 and Q7. In the beginning, there were chatters that the new model would have Q6 in its name. However, it will go by the name e-Tron.

The prototype which was spotted for analysis was similar to the modern collection
of Audi SUVs that have been updated, and it appears to range in size of Q5 and Q7. The hatch area at the back is more inclined as compared to the more vertical existing products. Additionally, the grille appears to be broader and more flattened than the most recent on both the Q7 and Q5.

2019 AUDI E-TRON spy pictures.There is a likelihood that the cooling conduits contained in the external edges of the front bumper in present prototypes are smaller or absent. After all, they lack combustion engines that are internal to cool.

This latest version seems to be more production ready though some of the indications result from the Frankfurt concept display.

Audi has not yet publicized the features of the e-Tron. However, there are clues that it will reach around 250 miles per hour. Its concept shows twin motors at the posterior and at the front, a single electric motor. Despite having an energy boost that could lift the horsepower to 496 temporarily, the highest productivity was about 430 hp. Its battery contained a lithium-ion unit of 95 kilowatt-hours.

Spyshots gallery

The name e-Tron is dated back to the year 2009 with the establishment of a car based electric idea by Audi on the R8 supercar. Audi has since then employed the e-Tron name to the R8 e-Tron production version. It got discontinued after a year with less than a hundred deliveries. This car was the initial electric model of the Audi. The name has also been used in the Q7 e-Tron and the A3 e-Tron plug-in hybrids.

It is expected that by 2020 Audi will have presented at least two more electric cars. The e-Tron Sportback should follow shortly after e-Tron 2019 model. After these two, the next design is thought to be comparable to a Chevrolet’s Bolt EV but to a lesser magnitude and a city car that targets the BMW i3.

It is fascinating that several components of the electric cars by Audi will have roofs containing solar cells. There will be a lot of saving energy because the energy to be generated by the cells will be used only in powering up ancillaries such as seat heaters or air conditioners. It will help intensify range.




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